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Facial and Corporal Fillers

Fillers are treatments that seek to redefine facial and corporal contours using liquid implants made of biocompatible materials, via microcannulas, implanted on deep anatomical planes through a minimally invasive procedure. The most commonly used type of liquid implant is the PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), because it is permanent, stable at the area in which it was applied to, inert, and it does not have side-effects.

Bioplasty techniques have been widely used and often substitute surgical procedures that would produce the same effects, having the advantage of being a minimally invasive procedure. Bioplasty can substitute surgery in areas such as the lips, chin, nose, hands, buttocks, thighs, calves, and penile circumference. Breast augmentation via bioplasty is currently being studied. Brazil is currently at the forefront of Bioplasty, being considered a reference center for these techniques.

At the Leger Clinic, we receive a great number of out-of-state and international patients who seek our specialized and safe services, as well as the excellent results we obtain in the procedures we perform.

As previously mentioned, bioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that is done with the use of local anesthetics, without the need for sedation. Procedures are quick and safe and there are no unexpected results. The patient is awake during bioplasty and thus able to oversee the proceedings, participating actively in obtaining the desired results. There is no post-op. Results are permanent and final.


Cheek Bioplasty (malar) – facial bioplasty can correct imperfections and project and plump the cheeks, a sign of youth that fades with aging.

Buttock Bioplasty -Brazilian butt lift buttock bioplasty can enhance and increase the glutes in a fast, simple and safe way, and with fabulous results! The procedure is done at the doctor’s office, with local anesthetics. Patients are able to participate actively in the procedure, voicing his/hers opinions as per the desired shape and volume.

Jaw Line Bioplasty - jaw line bioplasty can create or improve the dividing line between the face and neck. Applying fillers to the area also reduces tissue flaccidity, having results similar to those of a face-lift, especially when done in association with cheek (malar) bioplasty.

Nose bioplasty - with nose bioplasty, we are able to lift, thin and project the tip of the nose, reduce the nasal base, and improve nasal dorsal appearance. This is a safe procedure performed with local anesthesia. Patients are required to wear bandaging for a period of 7 to 15 days, depending on the procedure.

Calf Bioplasty - bioplasty for calf augmentation and corporal biomodulation is recommended for those with noticeably small calf muscles, disproportional to the rest of the body, who showed no improvement after undergoing physical treatments and workouts.

Chin Bioplasty - With chin (mentum) bioplasty we are able to augment, protrude, and correct asymmetries and imperfections without surgery, through a minimally invasive procedure.

Pectoral Bioplasty – patients presenting hypotrophy of the pectoral muscles, Poland syndrome (underdevelopment or absence of the chest muscle) or muscle asymmetry are candidates for this procedure. It is also recommended for patients who have disproportional chest muscles in comparison to muscles of other areas of the body, and who have not obtained improvements in the development of such muscles with physical training and exercise.

Shoulder Bioplasty - bioplasty for deltoid augmentation is performed to reestablish corporal harmony in patients with muscular asymmetry or hypotrophy, as means of correcting scars or depressions caused by the loss of adipose tissues, amongst other conditions.

Lipodystrophy (seropositive patients) – bioplasty has shown great results in seropositive patients who present, as side effects of treatments to this condition, loss of fat in certain areas of the body and especially on the face. The use of fillers on this area through bioplasty eliminates the undesired appearance of a thin face, and helps patients regain their self-esteem.

Lip Bioplasty - lip bioplasty can plump thin lips, improve its contours, better define the Cupid’s bow, and correct imperfections, leaving lips in perfect harmony to the face.

Hand Bioplasty - the hands also suffer with aging and with the loss of conjunctive tissue. The skin becomes more flaccid and stained, and the back of the hand reveals tendons and veins, giving the hand a senile aspect. Bioplasty can recuperate the lost volumes and aid in disguising veins and tendons, rejuvenating its appearance.

Bioplasty for the correction of wrinkles, scars and depressions - Bioplasty can be performed for the correction of wrinkles, hollows, scars and depressions. It has excellent results in filling the nasogenian fold, as well as those deep wrinkles on corners of the mouth (commonly known as Chinese mustache).

Penile Bioplasty – penile bioplasty can, in a safe and quick procedure, increase the perimeter of the penis. Specific devices may be used for increasing the length of the penis.

Bioplasty for buttock augmentation can reshape, increase the volume, and lift the gluteus. The results are that of more harmonious buttocks, with the desired shape and volume, and a better and perkier appearance. Candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift include those with flattened buttocks or small glutes that are disproportionate in regards to corporal harmony.

Trochanteric depressions (on the sides of the buttock) are other unfavorable aspects of the female glutes that can be easily filled through bioplasty, making the overall look of the bottom more round and feminine. The amount of product used will be determined by your doctor’s assessment of your case. It is reasonable to apply 80 to 150ml of product per buttock, divided equally in each quadrant. It is of the utmost importance that each patient consults a well-qualified and capable doctor, so that the patient can be properly evaluated.


1. The skin is cleansed; 2. With the patient sitting down with a straight back, a support guideline is drawn; 3. Using a mold, each buttock is marked with 4 quadrants, within the markings; 4. Antisepsis of the area is performed; 5. Sterile fields are put in place. A microcannula will be introduced in each of the glutes via a single orifice, extremely small in size. It works as an injection, with minimal bleeding and without the need for bandaging. This microcannula is blunt-tipped, thus avoiding any damage to the nervous-vascular nerve bundle. Anesthesia is done with a Nacul cannula, introducing a small tube of local anesthetics in each quadrant. Klein solution may also be used. Products used are numbered as to order the proceedings. After anesthesia, the microcannula (50X09 with PMMA in 30% on point N) is introduced. The Brazilian Butt Lift has excellent results that are permanent and homogeneous. It is a safe and virtually pain free procedure, which does not require surgery or post-ops. This procedure can also greatly benefit men who are unhappy with the overall look of their buttocks, and seek to obtain a more harmonious figure.

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